The Midday Diva has the Midday HotSpot everyday from 11AM-3PM. You don’t need WiFi, she IS your Connection!

Angela “AP The Midday Diva” Peterson is the hottest Midday personality in Columbus GA.  

The DIVA began her radio career in Los Angeles California.  Her work has taken her to Oklahoma, Chicago, and cities abroad.   

Peterson created the “Diva Shoe Closet” in 2009.  The blog showcases her love for designer shoes and purses and has a huge following.  She is known not only as the “Mid-day Diva” but also for her “keeping it real” attitude.  She has a popular segment called ASK AP.  Here, she showcasing anything from relationships issues, fashion, food, and everything in between.  The Midday is an “experience”.  Anyone can play the same music, the audience connects with your personality. “You can’t trick listeners, they’re smart”. Peterson now plugs you in to the HOT SPOT weekdays, NO WI-FI needed.  Join her in Pretty Girl World, sometimes Petty Girl World, Streaming on 983thebeat.com.

Recently named Program Director of the station, she knows that in today’s radio market you must compete in social media and internet sources. It takes a strong team, and that’s what we are.  If you don’t love coming to work, I’m not doing a good job!!

Mon-Sat | 11a-3p